Culture of health

In the midst of adversity, countless individuals and communities are building a culture of health. Here are six of those stories, all set in Southern California. 

Commissioned by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as part of its "Culture of Health" initiative.

Ava's Path

Ava is a promising 13-year-old dancer at the iconic Lula Washington Dance Theatre in South LA. In the face of adversity and a bout with homelessness, will she be able to overcome and persevere?

Esperanza's Path

Esperanza, an undocumented grandmother from Michoacán, now lives in Los Angeles County.  She was reluctant to seek medical care, after having been deported four traumatizing times. In the face of the great challenges, she tells us how she found a healthier life.

Israel's Path

Israel, is a former foster child and now transgender male whose seen it all. Will he be able to find healing and support in a new community?

Sherridan's Path

Can a garden change a neighborhood? According to Dr. Sherridan Ross (retired neurosurgeon and master gardener of the transformative Compton Community Organic Garden) the answer is yes. He shows us how it can be done. This piece also features Ron Finley, the charismatic "gangsta gardener" whose powerful TED talk has been viewed millions of times.

Kit's Path

Kit found a way to give health to herself and other Asian ladies of a certain age— line dancing! But she and her cohorts needed a place to dance outdoors where they were from the light of a glaring sun. What would the answer be?

Anthony's Path

The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians are among the original inhabitants of Palm Springs— and they're still there today. In spite of a history of oppression and near cultural extinction, Anthony tells us how his people found greater mental health through the resurrection of their tribal identity.